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MCS Architects, LLC has developed, since its foundation in October 1971, into a comprehensive architectural, interior design, planning and development consulting firm.  Its primary goal has been to provide outstanding design with an understanding of project economics and practicality.  To this end, the firm has maintained a careful balance within the areas of design, building technology and management coordination.  With the increasing complexity of project development, the firm strives to simplify the process and centralize communications.


Throughout its history, MCS has focused on client responsive architecture for the private development sector. The firms’ principals are involved in all aspects of the design process from schematic concepts, design development, construction documents, and construction administration through completion of the project. Prior to conceiving the architecture solution to the project we require the development of a specific project program that outlines the exact requirements of each building component.

Parking policy in terms, entrance/exiting strategies, valet parking component, segregation of user parking locations, and efficiency of garage in square foot per car calculations.

Hotel – determination of guestroom types, customer services, public area options, seating events, meeting space objectives, operational details on all back of house functions.

Multi-Family – number of units, type of units, resident services, specific amenities offered, and integration of the residential / hotel experience. Upon completion of all empirical data MCS synthesizes the information with its prime consultants, to present a schematic design which incorporates all significant aspects of the design solution.


MCS makes use of several methods for quality control. First is strict adherence to brand standards for hotel projects. Each team member is required to read and understand these standards. Also, all consultants receive updated copies along with a review meeting for the standards as they apply to their discipline. Pre opening check list from the brand are also provided to each team member and consultants. A follow up written confirmation that all items have been addressed is required.
Continuous principal involvement is another component of this quality control process. MCS will act as the project manager and will directly oversee the work of the project architect, architectural/interior design team and all consultants. Documentation of all owner and contractor meetings will be done through meeting notes and differentiation list for responsibility. The differentiation list will act as a guide so each team member, along with owner and contractor will understand their respective role in the project delivery. MCS has developed a series of check lists for general construction, as well as hotel construction to be used for final checking and control. Each team member is required to complete and verify that all items on these lists have been addressed. In addition, a firm principal also will review this list against the drawings and specifications for completeness.


Cost estimating through Owner and the Contractor Design Assist system has been the typical method for most MCS and the design teams’ projects. The process involves getting one or more contractors involved early in the project design to test some preliminary structural and possibly MEP systems. A preliminary pricing set will then be developed for contractor pricing either at the end of design development or at approximately 50% of construction documents. This document can be priced by several contractors if desired. At the end of this process a single contractor will be selected for pre-construction services during the rest of the design phase. This contractor will provide and initial GMP as a target budget. The architect and design team will work closely with the contractor and major sub-contractors to assure the budget numbers are met throughout the design process. Many meetings and other correspondence will take place during this period. Careful attention to all costing items will be required to maintain the budget without compromising the quality of the final product. The decisions made during this process will be integrated into the final construction documents.


Management of projects involves open correspondence between all parties and detailed documentation of decision and resolutions. This will be accomplished by detailed meeting notes, check lists of design decisions and easy access to drawings and other documents by all involved. Weekly updates on our ftp site of backgrounds and other drawings will be facilitated. Written reports of decisions and revisions will be documented for the team.
Organizational tools include such documents as team contacts, meeting minutes, project scope development, code review, project submittal review/approval, RFI review and response along with construction checklists as mentioned in the quality assurance statement above.


Upon successful presentation of the schematic design concept, the prime consultants submit schematic design option: structural and MEP alternate solutions and cost impact of such alternates. Upon presentation of the systems, preferably with prospective contractor input, the mutually agreed systems are integrated in the Design Development Phase of the project.
Completed Design Development Documents Specifications are submitted for more detailed pricing, and if on track move to the construction document phase. A pricing analysis at 50% completion establishes any modifications prior to completing the 100% completion of drawings and submitted for permit.


MCS has provided full architectural and interior design services on a majority of its projects. We provide base building documents and completed documents which define the completed project. All submitted consultants have provided the required timely services on numerous previous projects.


MCS will establish a specific schedule of time frame for each phase of a project. We recommend the use of a permit expediter, a local civil engineering firm, and allow adequate time for the permit process.


The architects at MCS Architects, LLC are experienced at identifying client needs and requirements and providing that knowledge into custom design solutions for each client.


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